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About us


We are a team of enthusiasts from different professional backgrounds and put all our skills to work for you. Sports enthusiasts and especially bodybuilding we share the same passion, the same values, the same lifestyle. We want to share our experiences with you, competitors at heart we know what efforts mean. Rigor and diligence are the basis of our trainings.


Brought together by Cultbodyevents we have given ourselves the means to put our own website “praetorian-shop” online, an online store that offers you a wide choice of products.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

This site offers you the range of clothing and accessories PRAETORIAN and the range of our partner BODYMAXXNUTRITION with a wide choice of high-end products. These products have been selected by us for their quality and their necessity; physical well-being is important to us. We want to bring together all sports and bodybuilding enthusiasts.


Also, with PRAETORIAN we will be able to identify ourselves, to know that we are not alone and this whatever the place where we are located.


Be part of the Legion with the PRAETORIAN Look! Together we go further! Together we are stronger.

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