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ISO WHEY - 2000

ISO WHEY - 2000

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ISO WHEY has an excellent amino acid profile and is rapidly digested with great bioavailabity. This formula is a Native Whey Protein Isolate directly derived from milk.


Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is produced by further purification using a cross-flow microfiltration / ultrafiltration process to yield one of the purest and most highly concentrated proteins ever developed. This process yields a WPI that is un-denatured retaining all the beneficial subfractions in their natural ratios.



Weight Size

908 gr,  2 Kg


Chocolate-PeanutButter, Chocolate-Hazelnut,

Stracciatella, Vanilla, Banana-split, Cookies

EEAS: Essential Amino Acids mg/100g NAAS: Non-Essential Amino Acids mg/100g
L-Isoleucine(BCAA) 4915 L-Alanine 4915
L-Leucine(BCAA) 10341 L-Arginine 2998
L-Valine(BCAA) 5829 L-Aspartic Acid 10651
L-Lysine 8909 L-Cystine 2421
L-Methionine 2011 L-Glutamic Acid 16718
L-Phenylalanine 3529 Glycine 2408
L-Threonine 6985 L-Histidine 1859
L-Tryptophane 1388 L-Proline 5477
    L-Serine 5505
    L-Tyrosine 3142
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